Cloned Molly

Installation at the Nová Síň Gallery in Prague in 2005. This installation came into being based on Alena Matějká’s dissertation project at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the Glass Department of Professor Vladimír Kopecký. Its theme was a development of color glass for melting sculptures in a mold, carried out by microwave energy. The research of glass took place in the Institute of Chemical Processes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in collaboration with Ing. Milan Hájek, CSc. and Ing. Jiří Hájek. The newly created colors of glass, in particular opalines, were used together with traditionally produced glass in a color composition of figures with the theme of cloning of organisms. In my installation I pointed out the issue of identity of cloned bodies in contrast with their different personalities using the doll Máňa, which in several positions and an infinite series of colors expresses both the sameness and otherness. The mirror surface under the visually identical figures is a surface mirroring reality, which, if it manipulates genes too much, could become a phantom from the psychedelic dream from Through the Looking-Glass.

Mold melted glass, ....

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